European election campaign appeal to electorate to back a Christian renewal of Europe

7th April 2014

As campaigning gets underway in elections to the European Parliament on May 22nd, the Christian Peoples Alliance party has issued an appeal to the British electorate to back a vision of renewal and change. These are the third European elections fought by the CPA, who are linked to other Christian Democratic parties in the EU through the European Christian Political Movement.

In meetings with London church leaders, party leader, Sid Cordle MBE, is pointing out that the Christian Peoples Alliance is the best supported minor party in the capital yet to cross the election threshold, consistently saving its deposit. Since 2000, the party’s vote has hovered around 3% and the CPA now aims to follow the Greens and UKIP in building from its core support to win its first seat.

Sid Cordle said:

“The founding principles of the European Union rest on church social teaching, but the EU has drifted away from those roots. A process of renewal is required as the British government seeks to re-negotiate the terms of membership. The CPA backs the call for a referendum on the EU and if nothing changes during Cameron’s negotiations then we favour withdrawal. Until then we are working with fellow Christian Democrats in the European Christian Political Movement to seek moral and democratic reform in the EU.”

The Christian Peoples Alliance is aiming to run lists of candidates in every region of England but to concentrate its campaign on London, the Eastern and South Eastern regions. In London last time (2009) just under 160,000 votes was enough for an MEP to be elected, which was 9.1% of the votes cast. The Christian Peoples Alliance won 51,336, 2.9% of the vote standing on a joint ticket with the Christian Party.

Sid Cordle added:

“Our appeal goes beyond regular churchgoers to the majority of people who identify themselves as Christians. However, if just one quarter of worshippers give us their vote among the 600,000 regular churchgoers in London, this will be enough to win a seat under the PR electoral system.

“Across the political spectrum, no political party is campaigning for policies that put mainstream Christian teaching at its heart. Having flattered to deceive, it’s become clear that UKIP has ducked critical votes for Christians in the EU. Christian Democracy remains vital to Europe’s future.”


For more information ring Sid Cordle tel. 07808474192, or contact us through our contact page