CPA gets over 50,000 votes for European election

23rd June 2104

Party leader Sid Cordle acknowledged that UKIP had succeeded in gathering the anti EU vote in this year's elections . He said,

"Our congratulations have to go to UKIP who just a few years back got their first 2 MEPs. Their result shows a real disillusion with the EU and to an extent with the other parties. We’re thankful for the over 50,000 votes we got in the 3 regions we stood. We beat the BNP in London and most of the other minor parties. Where we campaigned in Newham we beat the Liberal Democrats. The lesson for us is that where we get our message across we can win votes."

With limited financial and campaign resources the CPA was unable to put the leaflet, it had prepared and which was approved by the Royal Mail for distribution, out to voters. Though it was planned to have candidate lists in every region of Britain, the CPA only had deposits (£5,000 per region) to run lists in three European regions - Eastern, London and South East. The results were:

Eastern Christian Peoples Alliance Votes 11,627 Votes Percentage 0.74%;

London Christian Peoples Alliance Votes 23,702 Votes Percentage 1.35%;

South East Christian Peoples Alliance Votes 14,893 Votes Percentage 0.64%.

In all, the CPA polled over 50,000 votes in the three regions, placing it 9th among parties running in England. In a message to supporters, Sid Cordle said:

"Throughout this campaign a lot of new people have been contacting us and joining the party. There is no doubt that our strategy of putting up candidates in every region and putting a leaflet through every door in the country was spot on. Sadly we failed to raise the money to achieve it.

Today is the first day of our General Election campaign. The priority now is to select candidates for Westminster seats. We are very much needed and a go forward in expectation of better results next time."

The CPA is part of a small bloc in ten countries of Christian inspired parties called the European Christian Political Movement, which saw an increase of 50 per cent in seats won in the European Parliament.

Anyone interested in being a General Election candidate please e mail