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In order to reflect how most churches work in their neighbourhoods, the Christian Peoples Alliance is built as a party from the bottom up. Maximum freedom within the CPA Constitution is given to activists to organise themselves, campaign on local issues, and adopt local candidates. Once a constituency party is formed and has been running for a while, then it may affiliate to the national party. At the UK level, the CPA is a federal party for Great Britain.

Nationally, the CPA has a Leader, a President, and an Executive and Federal Council.

The Federal Council Members reflect the nations and regions of the UK and the ordinary members of the Christian Peoples Alliance. The Council setup is as follows:

- The Leader

- The President

- The Officers of the Party - Nominating Officer & Treasurer

- The General Secretary - in attendance

- 20 Council Members from England

- 4 Council Members from Scotland

- 4 Council Members from Wales

Sid Cordle MBE

Party Leader

sidcordle Organisation