The CPA is a voluntary party, with no full-time paid staff. Our offices are run from Hornchurch, Essex, by a part-time office administrator.

The CPA Federal Council is the governing group responsible for the adoption of the policy of the CPA. It also has the task of growing the party into a vibrant organisation across the UK, with radical Christian Democratic policies that win elections. The CPA Council meets regularly throughout the year to determine where the party should be going. It is chaired by the CPA President or Leader.

The Federal Executive Committee is responsible for day to day decision-making and is also chaired by the President or Leader. The Policy Committee formulates draft statements of policy for submission to the Council and is chaired by the Leader.

The Federal Council conducts most of its business through committees. These include the Candidates Committee, which is chaired by the CPA Nominating Officer and interviews all potential regional, EU, or Westminster candidates, and the Conference Arrangements Committee which organises the AGM and other events. Training, Regional Development, Communications, Fundraising, Membership and Election Management committees, are chaired by Executive members responsible for those areas and include people in the party with suitable expertise.

CPA Federal Council Members serve a two-year term. Nominations may come from all members of the CPA who wish to be involved with the growth and development of the Party. Council members are encouraged to attend all Council meetings and an attendance register is kept. This information is available to members on request.

Any paid-up member of CPA who agrees with the Christian aims and values set out in the CPA Constitution, may apply to the Nominating Officer to join the Candidates Panel. Candidates approved by a process of interview are selected from this Panel for national and regional elections.