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The Christian Peoples Alliance is a political party working within the Christian Democratic tradition. We share a number of insights and perspectives with other Christian Democratic organisations. You may like to find out more about the international family of Christian Democracy by visiting their websites.

Armenia - Christian People's Unity of Armenia

Belarus - Christian Democratic Party

Belgium - Christian-democrats French-speaking (CDF)

Belgium - Flemish Christian Democrats (CDV)

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Christian Coalition (BCC)

Denmark - Christian Democratic Party

Estonia - Estonian Christian Democrats (EKD)

Faroe Islands - Centre Party

Finland - Christian Democrats

France - Parti Républicain Chretien

German Christian Democrats

Hungary - Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF)

Latvia - Christian-Democratic Union (KDS)

Lithuania - Lithuanian Christian Democrats (LKDP)

Netherlands - Christen Democratisch Appel. Dutch Christian Democrats

Netherlands - ChristianUnion

Romania - Partidul Naþional Þãrãnesc Creºtin Democrat (PNTCD)

Slovakia - Christian Democratic Movement (KDH)

Sweden - Christian Democratic Party (KD)

Switzerland - Evangelical Peoples Party (EVP)

Ukraine - Christian Democrat Union (HDS)

European politics

European Christian Political Movement

European Christian Political Youth Network

Christian Democrat International

Group of the European People's Party - Christian Democrats in the European Parliament

Others outside Europe

Australia - Christian Democratic Party

Canada - Christian Heritage Party

South-Africa - African Christian Democratic Party

International Links